Group 4 Twitter Chat Post

Group 4: Olivia Finley ‏@oliviadionneJason Chambers ‏@JsnChambersyu chen ‏ @yuchen328Hangmian Zhang ‏@Hangmian.

   We wanted to do something that ties in all the components of marketing promotions when it came time to do our Chapter 11 group presentation. One of the components of the presentation was that we had not only to ensure some amount of interactivity with our audience, but also to keep them engaged. To do this, we designed a sweepstakes, in the form of a raffle drawing, where one class member would be chosen on the day of the presentation. To create another layer, we also chose the prize as relevant to our class IMC plan for the company, Olive Grand. This prize, a 250mL bottle of olive oil, however, came with a catch; just like any other
sweepstakes offered by a company, we required that the class enter the drawing by
participating in the chat.

    Our first step was to create an easy-to-follow set of rules explaining how to win.
Since we already had the requirement to post relevant articles and/or videos related
to our topic, we thought this would be the perfect vehicle to incorporate the raffle.
An email was sent to the entire class (post instructor-approval, of course) outlining
how to enter one’s name, but really it was as simple as replying to, or commenting
on, one of the articles/videos linked to on our Twitter posts. We had to create
limitations though, so we decided on a three-comment cap in order to keep the
contest somewhat fair (safeguarding against those who thought the prize would be
worth skipping their studies).

    On the day of the presentation, only one person had replied to posts that were
Tweeted 24hrs beforehand. We thought it was possible that there were technical
difficulties, considering the lack of response given a prize involved. It turns out that,
in fact, no one appeared that interested anyways. As an experiment, our results had
some value for several reasons. First, there is no way to really know how consumers
will respond to a promotion, even when the prize is free and there is little to lose.
Second, perhaps requiring students to read something or watch a video (both school
related) in addition to their, already-limited, schedules. Last, this process shows
exactly the steps necessary to implementing a promotion, effective or not.
Overall, for learning’s sake, we feel like we accomplished what we set out to do. Even
if the response wasn’t great, some students found it worth their time, and we
appreciated the feedback. If we had the chance to do it again, we might have tried a
different prize, required less each student, or attempted to simplify the steps even



Participate in Group 4’s Twitter Sweepstakes tmr!! See attached for more info!! #MKTG420 #group4sweepstakes #freebie


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Jason Chambers ‏@JsnChambers29 Jul

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@JsnChambers I never knew that custom bags had such large marketing capabilities! #FREEBIE #group4sweepstakes #mktg420


#MKTG420 Check out why trade promos work:  #group4sweepstakes #FREEBIE


“These days a buck can’t buy much. Or can it?” #MKTG420 #freebie #group4sweepstakes


“So how many brand impressions does each product see each day?” #MKTG420 #freebie #group4sweepstakes


“..offering giveaways is actually going to prove invaluable to companies with the dreaded recession…” #freebie #group4sweepstakes #mktg420


Nice job group 4. The raffle idea was really creative and went well with your twitter chat #mktg420 #freebie #group4sweepstakes



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