Group 7 Twitter Chat

By @afisher7007 @jdally4 @ycq321 @xulinsen

On Thursday August 1 our group Twitter conversation focused on issues related to green marketing. We included links to articles related to the success or failure of green marketing campaigns. Followers were asked their opinions on how purchasing green products made them feel and how willing they were to pay a premium for those products. Students were engaged in the conversation sharing their own insights about green marketing. Some of the more memorable responses are listed below:


#mktg420 #greenmarketing What does everyone think about green marketing? Effective or not?


  • @brenschader4h think its a downfall for stores. Carrying bags from other stores to carry your groceries… Loss of marketing #mktg420TR



#Mktg420tr #Group7 #TwitterChat today, we’re talking about green marketing. To start it off, does anyone in class use green products daily?





#mktg420tr How much more are you willing to pay for “green” products? Does purchasing green products make you feel better about consumption?


  • @lovelydlo4h buying green and also organic products does make me feel better about my consumption! #mktg420tr


Class members also Tweeted out their own examples of green marketing campaigns and we were able to facilitate conversations with them. Some examples can be seen below:



@Origins uses natural and organic ingredients in their skin care and cosmetics #greenmarketing #mktg420TR


@RachelBuckley21 @Origins yep, it’s good for skin


Biodegradable cigarette filters embedded with flower seeds… yeah you heard that right. … #mktg420tr #prettysweet

We posted links to several stories the day prior to our conversation management. We added additional article links at the beginning of class. Students were encouraged to click on these links to perform more research related to our topic of green marketing.


Here are links to the articles that we shared in class:


Green marketing towards younger people


5 Reasons Green Marketing is Going Nowhere


Microsoft Sustainability Initiatives


Levi’s Goes Green


Top 50 Global Green Brands


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