Group 8 Presentation Recap

Our group did a presentation on Chapter 15 about “Consumer Relationship”.It is about the relationship between businesses and consumers. It is important for business’s marketers to build loyal consumers or maintain them after the consumption process through the implementation of Utilitarian Value and Hedonic value. This way consumers will be prevented into switching behavior and consumer complaints. Through consumer complaints it will promote negative word of mouth or negative public publicity. Also switching behavior is the process where the consumers chooses a competing choice rather than the pervious choice.

The Twitter Chat questions and comments that we have posted and discussed in class are:

Group 8 presentation! Let’s start twitter chat!

What will you guys do if you experienced a terrible customer service?

What do you guys do when you are unsatisfied with the products or services from a company? Do you complain? Group 8 Presentation!

According to the responses in twitter chat and in class questions, some of the students have said that comcast and at&t have provided bad service experiences. Due to internet down time and comcast customer service took them a while to fix the problem. Also for at&t one of the students got their account transferred into another person’s because of a mistake.



Group Members: Chien Liang Liu, Yu Chia Huang, Chien Hung Lin, Xingni Cai, Ruida Qin

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