Public relations: Mcdonald’s

Zhiwen Sun

Twitter: @szw186

The definition of public relation from Wikipedia is “the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public.[1] Public relations may include an organization or individual gaining exposure to their audiences using topics of public interest and news items that do not require direct payment.” In marketing studying, public relation is a tool that the company can set up the reliance of this brand.

Every successful company has a good public relation team to control the public relation activities to gain the benefit. McDonald’s is one of the most successful companies, which keep the good public relation to keep, even gain from this relation. As the founder of McDonald’s Ray Kroc said:” good public relations meant good business.”

McDonald’s major mission of public communication is sustainable development of the enterprise, even to maintain the value of brand. For McDonald’s the most important thing is brand image, this is what makes McDonald’s outstanding of entire industry. Actually in McDonald’s history, public relation development is earlier than advertising. In1995 the Ronald McDonald already become the spokesperson and Children goodwill ambassador.

Nowadays, they start to use the social media to develop and maintain the public communication between company and customs. They try to use the social media to change that perception through the McDonald’s website, blogs. Nutrition is an important part of food, especially fast-food. “‘Bloggers never before had the opportunity to talk to McDonald’s about nutrition,’ Blate says. ‘When they learned about the better for you options available at McDonald’s restaurants their perceptions changed. The experiential component – taking them offline versus just communicating with them online – made a difference in their views of the brand’”. McDonald establishes a bridge to communicate with consumers, so that their public relations will be improved.

McDonald'sIn this picture, you can see how their social media works.


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