The Quack Cave and Social Media


Bren Schader

When someone hears innovation in the realm of sports, the University of Oregon Ducks’ football team comes to mind but more particularly, the uniforms. However, Oregon has more than just uniforms and a fancy football performance center… we have the Quack Cave.

As Craig Pintens discussed in class, the University of Oregon has become heavily reliant on social media to connect with Duck fans everywhere. The innovative Quack Cave is the first digital media hub in college athletics inspired by the National Hockey leagues’ New Jersey Devils (For a tour of their “Mission Control” room, Click here). As we have all become familiar with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the Quack Cave uses those AND MORE!


“With a wall of flat screens controlled by iPads and wireless keyboards, QuackCave’s staff of handpicked, digital natives (aka UO students) monitor, produce and push content through Oregon’s multitude of general and sport-specific accounts across all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram (uoducks).”

* For the full article about the introduction of the Quack Cave, Click Here.*

Across all platforms, using hash tags and being able to tag someone has helped to connect fans everywhere. Hash tags such as #GoDucks, #WTD, #YTFT, and tagging players such as @KBDeuce4 (Kenjon Barner) or @EATBLACKMOMBA6 (De’Anthony Thomas) trend during the game and allow Ducks’ fans to communicate with one another while cheering on their favorite team. Prior to social media, fans did not have the possibility of tweeting at their favorite player or talking to other fans globally so easily and from any form other than blogs.

Probably the most exciting part of the Quack Cave is the fact that consumers do not have to be tuned in to ESPN or their local broadcast stations to catch the game. Fans are now able to get all the highlights, scores, and pictures from the game directly on social media sites whether on the computer, on their tablet, or smart phone. But, as many of us know, monitoring all of our personal sites can be overwhelming and quite a task. Now imagine monitoring all those sites during game day for the Ducks!

Bren Schader

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