Sponsorship Proposal Basic Steps

Jitao Wu

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As we are in major of Marketing, sponsorship proposals are not unfamiliar to us. I believe most of people are not clear about how to write a successful sponsorship proposal. Therefore, I do the research and listen to some lectures to help me learning how to write sponsorship proposal. These advice might not be always right. Just take it as examples.

As Kim Skildum-Reid, a corporate sponsorship expert and author said, 99 percent of proposals have these similarities. First of all, they concentrate on their needs instead of sponsor’s. Secondly, they make the sponsor do all the work, such as digging for relevance and figuring out what to do with it. They don’t make a business case as well. In addition to that they offer the same four benefits. The most important one is they are hard to read. some of them are not enough information, some are structured poorly, and some are unprofessionally presented. These are also why 99% of proposals fail.

Here is a link that talks about this:  http://www.sponsorship.com/IEGSR/2012/10/22/Best-Practices–Sponsorship-Proposals.aspx

If you do have those problems in your proposals, you need to pay attention on them. Here are some advice that come from the lectures. Sell solutions not sponsorship. Sell what’s most marketable, not what needs funding. Highlight benefits, not features. Don’t prorate the packages. Tailor to sponsor category. Go to everyone in the category at once. Sign the media partners first. Don’t send a proposal until after the initial discussion. Commit full-time. Put a deadline on the offers. The last but not least, base fees on value, not budget. These are advice concluded from Lesa Ukman, a famous author.




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