The Importance of Blogging

Aaron Williamson

I’m choosing to write on the effect that blogs have had on changing the landscape of media. As readership has declined in traditional media, people have shifted towards targeted, segmented blogs that channel specific information that they find interesting. Blogs have been harnessed as a method of conversation rather than a 1-way news outlet and they’ve given readers a much larger range of outlets to consume news and information than they ever had previously. Felix Salmon, a blogging editor and journalist for Reuters gives great insights into this shifting landscape.


In the marketing, many things revolve around the goal of increasing revenue and purchases by customers. Blogging is deemed to be one of the most influencing services to influence a purchase. This is because there’s an added level of trust between the blog follower and the blog creator, or “influencer” which is someone who has a lot of clout and influence in the blogging community regarding their particular subject. According to certain sources, 86% of purchase influencers are bloggers on a regular basis, thereby supporting the idea that blogging is an integral part of the marketing and sales process.

One of my good friends, Rachel Nguyen, started a fashion blog a few years ago and continues to post regularly. She is now regarded as an influencer in the blogging community and her fashion choices have a considerable impact on her followership which has generated sales of particular products that she’s promoted. Her blog can be seen here.


In general, a company blog is a good idea because it makes your company and your brand more accessible to the online community and to potential and existing customers. One needs to define their audience and the overall message that they want to convey that aligns with the brand image that they want to promote. Mashable gives 6 keys to a successful blog; be authentic, transparent, position yourself in your reader’s minds, ask for feedback, don’t take huge risks in what you post, and finally to have fun. Blogging is becoming more of a necessity for businesses instead of just an option and that trend looks like it will continue for quite some time.

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