Group 9 Presentation Recap

MKTG 420: Group 9 Twitter Chat

Aaron Williamson, Hao Guo, Jordan  Kosmecki, Hao He


On Tuesday, August 6th, our group presented our topic and opened a Twitter discussion. Our group topic was on personal selling and sales management, more specifically how to sell and the steps in the selling process. Personal selling is a difficult activity to partake in and there are a certain number of steps necessary for salesmen to take in order to achieve the best possible success rate of ultimately closing sales and growing revenues with new business.


Our Twitter discussion was meant to be an enhancement to the topic that we covered in class. We provided a few different articles and website links that explored various parts of the selling process, including salesmen’s biggest mistakes and more strategies for effective selling techniques. We also tried to generate a conversation by asking questions like “who has had a ‘bad salesman’ experience?”. While our class conversation dwindled to a degree, we feel we provided our followers with insightful information into the personal selling process.


There were a few pros about our presentation and conversation about our topic. For one, we felt that our energy shifts were a great mix of entertainment and education. We also feel that we were able to generate a lot of class interest and interactivity with our class activity where we asked each class group to pick a random item from the selection we provided and try to “sell” the class on purchasing that item. For our Twitter conversation, we only provided links to those articles that we felt were most relevant and educational and tied into our topic uniformly.


For our cons, our slide presentation could have been a bit more exciting. In regards to Twitter, we were not able to generate a lot of interest in our topic although we tried. This could partially have been due to another group tried to generate tweets simultaneously as well as a mid-term exam that cut off the class’s ability to respond and engage to our messages.

Overall, we felt we did our topic justice. It was a challenge for us as a group to strategize how to “sell” our personal selling presentation but we did a good job at honing in on a particular topic within the subject to explore in depth and we think we were really able to provide information that was digestible and understandable to the class.

Our Tweets:

Jordan: What do you think about ShamWow’s selling process? … #mktg420tr #group9

Hao G: Our group will present chapter14,this chapter consider about what can salesperson to do.we create a interesting’ll see^O^

Aaron: TWITTER CHAT: Listening is a huge make or break it for salespeople  #mktg420tr #group9

Jordan: TWITTER CHAT: What do you guys think about the importance of following up on a sale? … #mktg420tr

Aaron:  Insightful article on the secret to personal selling. It’s all about meeting customer needs. #mktg420tr #group9

Hao H: #MKTG420TR #group9 If you are interested in car sales … here is a video that help you to deal with objection

Jordan: TWITTER CHAT: Have you ever had exceptional customer service where someone helped you during/after the sale? #mktg420tr #group9

Aaron: Who has had a “bad salesman” experience? #personalselling #mktg420tr #group9

Aaron: @rawrjak #2 on the top 10 list confirms that closing the sale really is the most difficult part of the selling process! #mktg420tr #group9

Jordan: TWITTER CHAT: #2 Unwilling to ask for order. Why do you think no one does? … #mktg420tr #group9

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