University of Nike

Hailey Keating

Twitter: Hailzkeats



With the reveal of the new Football Performance Center at the University of Oregon, the school as well as the athletic program is experiencing major marketing avenues and audiences. Initially revealed through photographs posted on, the center has caught the attention of major media outlets, creating the best marketing the school could have ever asked for. Craig Pintens, Senior Associate of Marketing and Public Relations for the University of Oregon stated when giving a presentation on the national brand that the best form of marketing for this athletic program is allowing access of information to news sources and letting them do their magic. The hype created over the reveal of this facility has expanded outside of Oregon, and across the United States. With stories being published by The New York Times, Yahoo Sports, Register Guard, Statesman Journal and even smaller sites such as, The University of Oregon has reached almost all groups of audiences and has seen an outrageous amount feedback, all leading to higher interest rates in the school as a whole. With the efforts made by the big media outlets stated prior, Oregon does not find the need to invest in large marketing plans or campaigns on their own. Big time national brands such as Sports Illustrated have shown interest in this new facility and released articles and videos on YouTube highlighting this new exciting addition to the university.

The intense media attention surrounding this new facility has also highlighted the idea of Oregon’s national brand being one with the brand of Nike. The university has recently purchased the domain of, which when searched automatically redirects users to the university’s main website. By excepting this attachment to the Nike brand, Oregon has created quite a buzz through social media outlets such as twitter and Facebook. The “University of Nike” title reinforced by the new state of the art performance center has brought in a new era for the university, as well other schools around the nation. It is safe to say that Oregon has set the standards for facilities very high, and refuses to be anything but a national brand known around the world.


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