Billboard (MKTG 420)

Zhiyuan Wang

Twitter: wang_zhiyuan



There are many types of advertising, and billboard is very common in our daily life because they are big to attract people. However, billboards are full of the city that people would feel boring. Some billboard could consider as visual pollution, somehow. For example, the above billboard seems located in the freeway, but it includes so much information that people cannot read while driving 60 MPH, not even to remember it. If there are too many billboards like this in the city, it will look awful.


It is hard to create an efficient that people cannot forget it when they see it once. Hence, people try to make something different with traditional billboard: 3-D billboard. I believe the 3-D billboard is more attractive comparing with flat billboard. For instance, the above photo is a 3-D billboard is located in the Colorado since cars are too closed that may cause tailgating. It is public service advertising to warn the people giving enough space when they follow a truck. The billboard metal is squeezed in the truck rear and front of sedan, and that sedan is much worse than the truck. People could see that and actually feel the damage. Thus, people could get clear and impressive message from the billboard.

The video shows a vacuum advertising. The tunnel designs as pipe that connects with vacuum in the billboard. It looks like a freeway, and car seems rapidly inhaling into the vacuum when they drive through the tunnel. That shows the how powerful the vacuum is. The advantage of this billboard is not only attractive, but also fit with environment, so it is not abrupt when people drive to there.

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