By Rose Russell

Twitter @coseanne91

How far does the GOOGLE rabbit hole go?

For the average person, Google is nothing more than a search engine directing them to a web site that satisfies their need; but for a small business, Google could be the difference between success and failure.

For a business, the first glimpse of Google should be “Google Think Insights” .  This web site is full of articles and videos that can be used as learning tools on how other companies have achieved successful marketing strategies.  For example, what you will find is real world illustrations of research studies, case studies, marketing perspectives and campaign’s, all which can be filtered by industry, ad types, objectives, and perspectives to make it all the more relevant.  This site also has a tool box of products, advertising platforms and a planning tools to help a business get to the next level.

Next is Google Analytics  this site is where you learn how to sign-up and use the valuable information that Google is offering.  Their customizable features include Analysis Tools which allows you to define the information you want and then monitor it in real time; it also allows segmentation of online traffic, if it be conversational or organic driven; it allows visualization of the path that visitor’s took to your site; and it has intelligence and alerts that can track unexpected changes and history patterns in your accounts so that you can make data driven decisions.  Google also has Social Analytics, Mobile Analytics, Content Analytics, and Conversion Analytics.  These tools take the guess work out of how to spend your advertising money.

For Marketers, Google has added a downloadable book ZMOT (Zero Moment Of Truth) which is free at  it talks about the moment at which a buying decision is made called the zero moments of truth and how to be in the game where the product is picked.

While not at the marketing forefront having great searching techniques to find what you want to know as a marketer is important so Google has created a searching school. . These tutorials could make someone very productive on searching information and add a great addition to a resume.

Google’s business web sites all include another important resource their blog’s.  As with the valuable information that has been displayed in our marketing blog, there is incredible information being posted to each of The Google Websites.

If you plan to be a marketer you best get familiar with Google and start your adventure down its rabbit hole.  The information above has barely scratched the surface.

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