Group 11 Presentation

Group 11

Carlos Rodriguez, Michael Parker, Jessie Lui, Zhiyuan Wang

Our groups topic for our presentation was on POP Advertising and Billboards. More importantly we wanted to discuss the evolution of how these types of advertisements have changed through out time. Being that billboards are one of the oldest forms of advertising we showed a video of how they have changed through time and how they will continue to evolve.

Our twitter conversation was meant for the class to tweet their favorite Billboards whether they were good or bad examples. It was also meant for them to tweet about any creative POP advertisements they have seen in any stores. Particularly grocery stores since they always have unique POP for special events such as the Superbowl.

Some pros about our presentation included keeping the class entertained with a modern video about billboards. We had a good flow to the presentation and came prepared.

We could have improved in our transitions and having more energy in each transition. We might have shown little excitement in our presentation which may have led to more tweets during our presentation.

Here are some of our tweets:

Cool POP displays. Can you recall any great POP ads that you’ve seen? … #mktg420tr #group11

Some really interesting and creative bill boards to check out. Which is your favorite?
#mktg420tr #group11

A little history of POP advertising for today’s presentation
#mktg420tr #group11

Xiang Li (Diane) ‏@dianelucky 6 Aug
P-o-p ads is so creative. I love the $2 waffle maker video on Black Friday.. #group11 #MKTG420TH

Jordan Kosmecki ‏@rawrjak 6 Aug
Chik-fil-a did a billboard where the cows were 3d and stacked on each other. Pretty cool #mktg420tr #group11


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