Group Four Twitter Chat Conversation: Andrew, Danielle, Kent, and Taylor

On August 8th, Group 4  hosted a twitter conversation on building long-term relationships with customers.  Our class discussion that day included how to brand yourself on LinkedIn. However, we felt that building relationships and networking are crucial parts of all marketing.

We hoped the class would take an interactive role in our chat and respond with “#group4.” We did not receive as many as responses as we would like and we have attributed that to the LinkedIn presentation. Many students, including us, found this presentation to be very important and interesting for improving our own marketability.

Here is a clip of some of the articles we posted the night of August 7, 2013:




 To stimulate conversation we tried asking the class engaging questions such as:




In conclusion, we found it valuable to not only find customers, but retain them through long-term relationships. We would have liked to have more participation, but we understand the nature of the class makes it hard to be fully engaged in this activity.

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