40-year-old Hello Kitty is Still Lovely and Attractive

By: Wenqi Han

Twitter: @han_wenqi

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=266632302&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile


Have you heard people said, “It’s so cute!” in different language to describe Hello Kitty? No matter your answer is “Yes” or “No”, Hello Kitty is the most famous cat image in the world.

When hello Kitty was introduced, Sanrio almost did not do anything about advertising and marketing. In addition to cigarette and alcohol, almost all kinds of products are easy to get their authorizing. And then, Hello Kitty has taken comprehensive, cross-industry diversified marketing strategy. Sephora Beauty, McDonald happy meal, Reebok shoes and Eva Airline have effective crossover cooperation with Hello Kitty. A series of effective sales strategies make commercial value of Hello Kitty was fully played.

If the price of this Hello kitty airline is same as normal airline, do you prefer to take this one? In 2005, Japanese Sanrio Hello Kitty company cooperates with Taiwan’s Eva air. Eva Hello Kitty Theme flight successfully attracted and satisfied their fans. However, some people may dislike Hello Kitty and it is impossible to let all people like. Eva airline cooperates with hello Kitty brand elements, which makes differentiation with other airlines, but also need to keep taking care that if normal passengers feel comfortable.

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