Group 3 Twitter Chat Mktg420

On August 10th Group 3 attempted a twitter chat it was Saturday night at 9:00 pm:

Lesson number one, Advertiming was not well thought out.  Most young people that would be on twitter probably are being entertained in other ways.

Regardless of the external environment we read each others posts and made comments accordingly.

Lesson number two, you can learn a great deal from others when participating in a twitter chat. If you have good participation it might even be exciting.

Lesson number three: We understand that this type of communication can be positive if you participate. … #mktg420tr

@han_wenqi @MingjieM #mktg420tr variety is important to a lot of people

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@emmaliiu #mktg420tr Coupon promotions working

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@han_wenqi #mktg420tr Wal-mart shows how not to market through lowering customer service

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@MingjieM That article about Wal-Mart having competition was great

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#mktg420tr … wow marketers check out this video

Smartphone Technology & Innovative Software 

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Marketing in Recession 

Rolex Sponsorship 

Business Promotion : Apple 

@MingjieM There is a Walmart that is very closed to Winco in Springfield. Winco is cheaper, but I go to Walmart because variety.

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#Mktg420tr Know more about Walmart strains to keep grocery aisles stocked fresh. …

I’ve just updated my professional profile on LinkedIn. Connect with me and view my profile.  #in

@han_wenqi @stephcliff yup Walmart’s vegetable is not fresh. they need to improve.

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@emmaliiu @YouTube coupon is a great thing! saving time and saving money.

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#MKTG420TR Winco: Walmart’s the nightmare? …

Emma liu@emmaliiu 10 Aug

#mktg420tr go check it out Safeway marketing strategy:  via @youtube

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The Frugal Find Online Coupon Class: Safeway

First things first, print out and keep the Safeway Store Coupon Policy with you at all times, this will help if you run into a confusing situation when you’r…

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Twitter has been a fun learning experience

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