Rolex Sponsorship

By: Carlos Rodriguez
Sponsorship plays a huge roll in sports and it’s amazing to see how much companies are willing to pay just to get their name out into the public. Lets take Rolex for example who has been doing major deals with Formula 1 racing, the Davis Cup, and Wimbledon. If you think about all of the exposure that Rolex gets from these sponsorships it’s simply astonishing. From commercials, advertising, and simply having their brand at an event can reach millions of consumers. In general consumers tend to tie certain events with certain brands and that is the ultimate goal when it comes to sponsorship. For instance, when I think of the Wimbledon I automatically think of Rolex, simply because they have been the “Official Time Keeper” of the event for so many years. Rolex was able to establish its brand into a prestigious event which has then made Rolex leverage its credibility as a top of the line watch brand.
Sponsorship is something that can really bring exposure of a brand when done correctly. Sponsoring anything and everything won’t get the job done though, brands needs to establish themselves with other events or companies that share similar values so that both parties can benefit from the sponsorship. Taking the same example of Rolex, they have established themselves with many events and are now recognized on a global scale. They even get accidental exposure from famous athletes wearing their products. Here is an example of of Dwyane Wade Wearing a Rolex watch and he isn’t even a sponsored athlete by them.

D.Wade with Rolex

The fact that famous athletes will wear Rolex watches goes to show the power their brand has had over the years. To end of this blog I will leave you guys with a video showing the impact Rolex has had on Formula 1 racing.

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