Smartphone Technology & Innovative Software

In 2013 communicators will increasingly plan and execute their information, PR and marketing activities in mobile channels – reduced, focused and straight put. Thanks to the newest technologies we could fly to the moon with our smartphones. That is why consumers increasingly use the opportunities of mobile devices. Instead of sitting at the desktop computer back home consumers inform themselves on the go. In 2013 mobile applications will increasingly be accompanied by responsive webdesign. Not the mobile app but the website itself will recognize the appropriate format of the respective smartphone and present the web information accordingly.


And precisely due to the fact that consumers inform and entertain themselves more than ever before on the go, 2013 will show a strong trend to useful cross channel marketing between mobile device and local point of sale.


Thanks to new smartphone technology and innovative software, local enterprises have the possibility to approach their clients targeted at the POS, to involve and activate them. Here experts from PR and event creation come into account. More than ever before, in 2013 they will need to pool their competences to develop, communicate and locally implement promotional infotainment concepts. At the same time CEOs will be asked to trust these mobile-local marketing concepts and to allocate appropriate budget. Because the customer does not want to be arbitrarily chatted on but excited, mobile and locally at the POS. Same for PR concepts with true event character. No matter what media channel, the content has to excite readers, listeners and viewers. Interesting, attention-getting events connected to real daily life of consumers offer great content for media coverage.


Fear not – you won’t miss out on any local discounts or specials with a new smart phone app launching. It’s called FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) Sonar.


It uses GPS technology to notify you on your phone about discounts and happenings at the places you’re near at any particular time.  You have control over what businesses you allow so you aren’t overwhelmed with pop-ups. So far, six businesses have signed on to be included in the FOMO app.


Here’s how it works: When you’re in the area of a particular bar, you’ll get notifications for what’s happening at that bar. Certain bars and restaurants offer deals for discounted or free items if you are signed up for the app.


For instance, an arcade bar in the Old Town area of Portland, Ground Kontrol, offered a dollar in coins with a drink purchase on Thursday night. And at the nearby Penny’s Diner, you could get a free breakfast sandwich earlier on Thursday.


But if you’re at home, nowhere near the business, no worries: You won’t get alerts on your phone, as you can only opt to receive updates from places you like. For patrons, the app is free. Businesses pay a one-time fee of $30. They can use it as much or as little as they want.

Taylor Boustead

Twitter @taylorboustead



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