40-year-old Hello Kitty is Still Lovely and Attractive

By: Wenqi Han

Twitter: @han_wenqi

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=266632302&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile


Have you heard people said, “It’s so cute!” in different language to describe Hello Kitty? No matter your answer is “Yes” or “No”, Hello Kitty is the most famous cat image in the world.

When hello Kitty was introduced, Sanrio almost did not do anything about advertising and marketing. In addition to cigarette and alcohol, almost all kinds of products are easy to get their authorizing. And then, Hello Kitty has taken comprehensive, cross-industry diversified marketing strategy. Sephora Beauty, McDonald happy meal, Reebok shoes and Eva Airline have effective crossover cooperation with Hello Kitty. A series of effective sales strategies make commercial value of Hello Kitty was fully played.

If the price of this Hello kitty airline is same as normal airline, do you prefer to take this one? In 2005, Japanese Sanrio Hello Kitty company cooperates with Taiwan’s Eva air. Eva Hello Kitty Theme flight successfully attracted and satisfied their fans. However, some people may dislike Hello Kitty and it is impossible to let all people like. Eva airline cooperates with hello Kitty brand elements, which makes differentiation with other airlines, but also need to keep taking care that if normal passengers feel comfortable.

Group Four Twitter Chat Conversation: Andrew, Danielle, Kent, and Taylor

On August 8th, Group 4  hosted a twitter conversation on building long-term relationships with customers.  Our class discussion that day included how to brand yourself on LinkedIn. However, we felt that building relationships and networking are crucial parts of all marketing.

We hoped the class would take an interactive role in our chat and respond with “#group4.” We did not receive as many as responses as we would like and we have attributed that to the LinkedIn presentation. Many students, including us, found this presentation to be very important and interesting for improving our own marketability.

Here is a clip of some of the articles we posted the night of August 7, 2013:




 To stimulate conversation we tried asking the class engaging questions such as:




In conclusion, we found it valuable to not only find customers, but retain them through long-term relationships. We would have liked to have more participation, but we understand the nature of the class makes it hard to be fully engaged in this activity.

How Does Advertisement Affect on Consumers

By menglin liu
twitter@ emmaliiu

doritos-logoNowadays the merchants use a lot of advertisements to attract consumers. A great advertisement will make merchants get success in the competition. There are lots of different kinds of advertisements, and the common advertisements’ themes are funny stories, super stars’ influence and so on. I watched the advertisement of Doritos, and the method they choose is to use some funny stories, that after watching the advertisement, people will get an impression that no matter children or the seniors, even the pets, they love eating Doritos products. It is the function of this kind of advertisement, that people will laugh, and think it is funny, which will help merchants to leave deep impression in people’s minds.

Another method is the super stars’ effects. For me, I love super stars, and I will follow their steps. People love the super stars because they have some different characters. For example, they have beautiful faces, or they have great fit figure, or they have long and bright hair. The merchants will use these characters in their advertisements. For example, Bingbing Fan in China is very famous for her great skin, and Loreal hires her to make advertisements for their skin care products. When the super star appears in the advertisement, and says that she has such young and silk skin because she uses their products. The customers will follow her steps and her words to purchase the products that they think if they use them, their skin will be young and silk as Bingbing Fan’s. It is the effect of super stars that they will give consumers an impression that why she looks so pretty is that she uses the products. These two examples show people the success of advertisements, which attracts consumers more, and the consumers will trust the merchants.


Group 11 Presentation

Group 11

Carlos Rodriguez, Michael Parker, Jessie Lui, Zhiyuan Wang

Our groups topic for our presentation was on POP Advertising and Billboards. More importantly we wanted to discuss the evolution of how these types of advertisements have changed through out time. Being that billboards are one of the oldest forms of advertising we showed a video of how they have changed through time and how they will continue to evolve.

Our twitter conversation was meant for the class to tweet their favorite Billboards whether they were good or bad examples. It was also meant for them to tweet about any creative POP advertisements they have seen in any stores. Particularly grocery stores since they always have unique POP for special events such as the Superbowl.

Some pros about our presentation included keeping the class entertained with a modern video about billboards. We had a good flow to the presentation and came prepared.

We could have improved in our transitions and having more energy in each transition. We might have shown little excitement in our presentation which may have led to more tweets during our presentation.

Here are some of our tweets:

Cool POP displays. Can you recall any great POP ads that you’ve seen? http://kapsarovb.com/about-point-of-sale-pos-advertising-and-great-design-examples/ … #mktg420tr #group11

Some really interesting and creative bill boards to check out. Which is your favorite? http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/brilliant-creative-billboard-advertisements/
#mktg420tr #group11

A little history of POP advertising for today’s presentation http://www.dauman-retail-displays.co.uk/students/pophistory.htm
#mktg420tr #group11

Xiang Li (Diane) ‏@dianelucky 6 Aug
P-o-p ads is so creative. I love the $2 waffle maker video on Black Friday.. #group11 #MKTG420TH

Jordan Kosmecki ‏@rawrjak 6 Aug
Chik-fil-a did a billboard where the cows were 3d and stacked on each other. Pretty cool #mktg420tr #group11

By Rose Russell

Twitter @coseanne91

How far does the GOOGLE rabbit hole go?

For the average person, Google is nothing more than a search engine directing them to a web site that satisfies their need; but for a small business, Google could be the difference between success and failure.

For a business, the first glimpse of Google should be “Google Think Insights”  http://www.google.com/think/ .  This web site is full of articles and videos that can be used as learning tools on how other companies have achieved successful marketing strategies.  For example, what you will find is real world illustrations of research studies, case studies, marketing perspectives and campaign’s, all which can be filtered by industry, ad types, objectives, and perspectives to make it all the more relevant.  This site also has a tool box of products, advertising platforms and a planning tools to help a business get to the next level.

Next is Google Analytics http://www.google.com/analytics/index.html  this site is where you learn how to sign-up and use the valuable information that Google is offering.  Their customizable features include Analysis Tools which allows you to define the information you want and then monitor it in real time; it also allows segmentation of online traffic, if it be conversational or organic driven; it allows visualization of the path that visitor’s took to your site; and it has intelligence and alerts that can track unexpected changes and history patterns in your accounts so that you can make data driven decisions.  Google also has Social Analytics, Mobile Analytics, Content Analytics, and Conversion Analytics.  These tools take the guess work out of how to spend your advertising money.

For Marketers, Google has added a downloadable book ZMOT (Zero Moment Of Truth) which is free at http://www.zeromomentoftruth.com/  it talks about the moment at which a buying decision is made called the zero moments of truth and how to be in the game where the product is picked.

While not at the marketing forefront having great searching techniques to find what you want to know as a marketer is important so Google has created a searching school.  http://www.powersearchingwithgoogle.com/ . These tutorials could make someone very productive on searching information and add a great addition to a resume.

Google’s business web sites all include another important resource their blog’s.  As with the valuable information that has been displayed in our marketing blog, there is incredible information being posted to each of The Google Websites.

If you plan to be a marketer you best get familiar with Google and start your adventure down its rabbit hole.  The information above has barely scratched the surface.

Do you remember that one commercial?

By: Jack Dally

Twitter: @JDally4

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=267166069&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile

How important is it that consumers can recall content from a company’s advertisement? Marketers today are starting to find that an ads quality just might be more important than the quantity of ads produced. The ability for consumers to recall information, content, or even the brand from an advertisement is much more beneficial than sitting through tons of ads only to instantly forget what it was about. Nowadays people are doing many different things at once, especially while watching television, which means people aren’t always paying full attention to the many different ads that bombard their day. It’s hard to know exactly what makes an ad tend to be easily recalled later on, but one thing that might help is an ad with an engaging story line just like this Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial:

Although some ads might be easily recalled, like the Volkswagen one above, not every ad makes a huge impact on consumers. For an ad to be successful, it has to first be memorable. This is the basic idea behind making an ad that consumers will be able to easily recall. If marketers can first get consumers’ attention in this heavily multitasking world, then they next need to be able to make them remember what their ad is about, but more importantly what it is advertising/selling. Another very easily recalled ad was a Doritos commercial, not surprisingly from the Super Bowl also, which turned out to be the most recalled ad shown during the game:

Another important factor is that just because an ad can be easily recalled does not mean that it will vastly improve sales. According to the book, “some research indicates there is little relation between recall scores and sales effectiveness. Remember an ad does not necessarily make you want to buy a particular brand.” It then gave the example that the “Got Milk?” ad campaign was very popular and familiar, but did not help improve declining milk consumption in the U.S.


I’ll end with this, personally I believe that the more memorable an ad is the better it will do. We have all seen many ads that did not make an impact and we have all forgot what those ads were about. I want to see ads that are funny, relatable, and most importantly engaging, because these ads are always the most enjoyable and, to me, the most successful.

How to Succeed (MKTG 420)

Riley Gallivan

Twitter: RileyG_UO; LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/riley-gallivan/78/b29/573

This year in class we were fortunate enough to be lectured by a lot of guest speakers. The topics were from all over the place: marketing principles, ethics and web design. Each and every one of the speakers were great – they all brought something new to the table and helped us develop more as business and marketing majors. As much as I enjoy lectures on professionalism and how to develop in that way, I particularly enjoyed a lecture that we received on how to be a successful person.

The steps were simple. We need to take initiative and build professional and personal foundations. So many things go into each of these, but I want to break down how I see them.

A person who does things before he or she is asked to do them is a person that finds success. Why? Because people who get up, start something and push to see it through create change instead of hoping that something falls into their lap. During the Superbowl, depending on who’s playing, I tend to only care about the commercials. This year’s ads showed something really relevant to the idea of being proactive and initiative. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE6ugHoIB_Q) Of the 6 men with ideas featured in the commercial, one man took initiative and did something with his idea. That led to him being more wealthy than I could imagine. I don’t know about you, but I wish I had a private jet and sky waitresses. Being proactive doesn’t necessarily mean we’re all going to have private jets, but it does make us a better worker, classmate and person.

Step two in finding success was building a professional background. The big idea in this was that after graduating, you can’t hope to land a job and do well just because you got a bunch of A’s in college. I don’t think it hurts to have those grades, but I agree. No class is perfect in teaching you how the business world works, but there are elements of that life in all of our classes. When we identify these and work to improve them, it makes us better overall.

The other way that I interpret this step is “taking your medicine.” What I mean by that is working in places that you don’t want to work in order to build a foundation that you can grow off of. For example, I never wanted to work at Office Depot. My dad made me apply before college and a lot of times I dreaded going into work. The things I learned while there –  personal selling, how to set up successful product displays and technology – were things that I will use at my next professional job. Identifying those elements and working on them makes me a better businessman and better co-worker.

The last step was building a personal foundation – one built upon integrity, truthfulness and dependability. It is difficult to find a business today that people call “full of integrity.” The world puts so much focus on money that it sometimes overshadows what the ethical thing to do is. Our lecturer went into detail about someone he had spoken to who worked for Bernie Madoff, and how the speaker never went to jail even though everyone connected with Madoff did. The answer was integrity. He never took the illegal benefits. He did his job the way he was supposed to – a man of truth and integrity who we can depend on.

What I’m getting at here is that you may not be the richest person in the world if you build a foundation based on integrity. You won’t go to jail though, and people will trust and like you, which ultimately is greater than any dollar you might have. If we all did this, I’d be amazed to see what the world is like.

In conclusion, I leave a 3 minute TED Talk about finding success. The reasons compared to our class are different on the surface, but it all comes down to the same thing: Success can be attained by choosing to get up, go get things done and hold oneself responsible for your acts. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6bbMQXQ180)