Billboard (MKTG 420)

Zhiyuan Wang

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There are many types of advertising, and billboard is very common in our daily life because they are big to attract people. However, billboards are full of the city that people would feel boring. Some billboard could consider as visual pollution, somehow. For example, the above billboard seems located in the freeway, but it includes so much information that people cannot read while driving 60 MPH, not even to remember it. If there are too many billboards like this in the city, it will look awful.


It is hard to create an efficient that people cannot forget it when they see it once. Hence, people try to make something different with traditional billboard: 3-D billboard. I believe the 3-D billboard is more attractive comparing with flat billboard. For instance, the above photo is a 3-D billboard is located in the Colorado since cars are too closed that may cause tailgating. It is public service advertising to warn the people giving enough space when they follow a truck. The billboard metal is squeezed in the truck rear and front of sedan, and that sedan is much worse than the truck. People could see that and actually feel the damage. Thus, people could get clear and impressive message from the billboard.

The video shows a vacuum advertising. The tunnel designs as pipe that connects with vacuum in the billboard. It looks like a freeway, and car seems rapidly inhaling into the vacuum when they drive through the tunnel. That shows the how powerful the vacuum is. The advantage of this billboard is not only attractive, but also fit with environment, so it is not abrupt when people drive to there.

University of Nike

Hailey Keating

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With the reveal of the new Football Performance Center at the University of Oregon, the school as well as the athletic program is experiencing major marketing avenues and audiences. Initially revealed through photographs posted on, the center has caught the attention of major media outlets, creating the best marketing the school could have ever asked for. Craig Pintens, Senior Associate of Marketing and Public Relations for the University of Oregon stated when giving a presentation on the national brand that the best form of marketing for this athletic program is allowing access of information to news sources and letting them do their magic. The hype created over the reveal of this facility has expanded outside of Oregon, and across the United States. With stories being published by The New York Times, Yahoo Sports, Register Guard, Statesman Journal and even smaller sites such as, The University of Oregon has reached almost all groups of audiences and has seen an outrageous amount feedback, all leading to higher interest rates in the school as a whole. With the efforts made by the big media outlets stated prior, Oregon does not find the need to invest in large marketing plans or campaigns on their own. Big time national brands such as Sports Illustrated have shown interest in this new facility and released articles and videos on YouTube highlighting this new exciting addition to the university.

The intense media attention surrounding this new facility has also highlighted the idea of Oregon’s national brand being one with the brand of Nike. The university has recently purchased the domain of, which when searched automatically redirects users to the university’s main website. By excepting this attachment to the Nike brand, Oregon has created quite a buzz through social media outlets such as twitter and Facebook. The “University of Nike” title reinforced by the new state of the art performance center has brought in a new era for the university, as well other schools around the nation. It is safe to say that Oregon has set the standards for facilities very high, and refuses to be anything but a national brand known around the world.


Sponsorship Proposal Basic Steps

Jitao Wu

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As we are in major of Marketing, sponsorship proposals are not unfamiliar to us. I believe most of people are not clear about how to write a successful sponsorship proposal. Therefore, I do the research and listen to some lectures to help me learning how to write sponsorship proposal. These advice might not be always right. Just take it as examples.

As Kim Skildum-Reid, a corporate sponsorship expert and author said, 99 percent of proposals have these similarities. First of all, they concentrate on their needs instead of sponsor’s. Secondly, they make the sponsor do all the work, such as digging for relevance and figuring out what to do with it. They don’t make a business case as well. In addition to that they offer the same four benefits. The most important one is they are hard to read. some of them are not enough information, some are structured poorly, and some are unprofessionally presented. These are also why 99% of proposals fail.

Here is a link that talks about this:–Sponsorship-Proposals.aspx

If you do have those problems in your proposals, you need to pay attention on them. Here are some advice that come from the lectures. Sell solutions not sponsorship. Sell what’s most marketable, not what needs funding. Highlight benefits, not features. Don’t prorate the packages. Tailor to sponsor category. Go to everyone in the category at once. Sign the media partners first. Don’t send a proposal until after the initial discussion. Commit full-time. Put a deadline on the offers. The last but not least, base fees on value, not budget. These are advice concluded from Lesa Ukman, a famous author.



Personal Selling Revolution of Nordstrom Company


Nordstrom was founded in 1901 by John W. Nordstrom and Carl Wallin. From the beginning of the company, they provide the best possible service, selection, quality and value to their customers. Over years, even though the Nordstrom company has created individual departments that focus on the individual lifestyles of the customers, they also added new service line to meet customers’ needs. In order to give the best possible service to the customers, the company plans on continuing to update the product line, initial contact and follow-up as new customer desires evolve. Moreover, the employees are not only trying to reach company standards, they are also focused on creating a comfortable environment of customer service within the store as well. As people know, Nordstrom company are famous as their excellent customer services, the atmosphere of the store could be the evidence of that specific company mission. Even to this day, we can see the mission of Nordstrom is still exact the same.

The Nordstrom company are doing very well on personal selling not only because their services, but also because they are doing pretty well on building a great buyer-seller relationship. Nordstrom company has established many different policies designed to keep their employees get in touch with their customers. For example, they always mail the hand writing letters to customers after they purchased. This could be considered as a marketing strategy, which could give customers a good expression about their perfect service. In addition, this reaction also could keep the loyal customers and encourage them to reach a long term purchasing. They really did a great job in customer service, especially in the Nordstrom shoes department, the salesperson usually knee down to serve the clients, they really increased the customer satisfaction rate and lead customers to feel like they are honored guest.

In order to reach retention of the target markets, the Nordstrom company coordinate the marketing activities throughout the marketing mix strategy which includes advertising, public relations, personal selling and sales promotion. Even though social factors are playing a very important role today, Nordstrom company actually are not doing too much commercial advertising on television show, TV or magazines. Instead, the Nordstrom company does engage in heavy promotion strategy, they offers half yearly sales, anniversary sales and VIP party in order to keep the important clients, give the information about newest and latest item to customers by sending email and mail the free magazine. In addition, they also do the cash rewards; they mail customers cash rewards, which is actually could substitute for cash.

Overall, the Nordstrom company’s mission is to delivery best quality, selection, value and best customer service to their customers, and the mission of Nordstrom is also definitely evident in their operation. Furthermore, they did great job on personal selling and advertising strategies.



NBA and Kia – event sponsorship

Yang Yu

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Throughout our presentation, I have learnt a lot about events sponsorships. I am always a NBA fan and there is one brand that has been working really hard in recent year to showcase its brand in NBA. That brand is Korean automobile company KIA Motors. If you have watched couple NBA games, you definitely know what I am talking about. Kia optimal is the official car of NBA and many important awards, including MVP, Sixth Man, Defensive Player and Most Improved Player Awards, are presented by KIA motors.

This partnership between KIA and NBA started from 2008 when they signed a multi-year marketing contract. Ever since then, you can see all kinds of KIA commercial that has NBA elements in them. Here is one of the commercial that I find really interesting.

NBA KIA commercial

In the commercial, audience will sense the intensity and thrill of the game of basketball from the projected images. Suddenly, a two normal guys show up and play the basketball using the light from a Kia automobile. Personally, I think that this is a well-executed commercial because it has humor, unexpectedness, and most importantly, great connection with NBA fans. Basically, the commercial is calling consumers to show their love of basketball by purchasing a Kia. For any huge basketball fans, the love of the game means everything to them and they would definitely love to show people that.

Of course commercial is not the only way to promote their brand. Kia really works hard and finds every opportunity to expose their brand to the NBA audience. In NBA, one of the most watched game is NBA All Star Games. In 2011 NBA All Star game, NBA player Black Griffin finished an amazing dunk by jump over a KIA Optima. In that case, KIA has grabbed millions of people’s eyes all over the world. That Dunk helped Blake win the Dunk Contest and suddenly everyone was talking about Blake jumping over a KIA to finish a spectacular dunk. Also, Kia showcases their brand in ESPN and NBA press releases as you can see from the images.

I definitely think that event sponsorship is a great way to promote your brand. By choosing the right event, the company is not only going to increase your brand awareness but also securing the market with the frequent event audience by establishing a connection with the event, like KIA and NBA. This is very real because in January 2012, KIA’s sales increased 78% since the sponsorship started. Nothing is more convincing than seeing the actual sales going up and that number really says the effectiveness of a great sponsorship.

The revolution of the sports sponsorship

Xiaolong Chen

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As the development of the high technology, it highly changed the way of marketing. Traditional commercials cannot play a dominant role in the advertisement market, the Internet and social networking website has attracted more attention. The revolution has occurred, and the biggest challenge for marketer is fragmentation.


Traditionally, how to evaluative the effectiveness of one’s commercial is simple. Whoever spends more and aims to as much as to television, newspaper, and broadcast, which is the winner. There is statistic shows that America major sports leverage sponsorship revenue that is NFL for $1.01 billion, MLB for $628 million, NBA for $610 million, and NHL for $372 million. The most impressed one is adidas to sponsor 2012 London Olympic for $106 million for two weeks.  They spend such huge money to sponsor those events in order to retain their customers and attract more potential customers. But is it works, and is it worth? It is hard to say.

Time is changed; the public’s free time’s entertainment has become more diversity. Now, you have dozen of channel to draw attention of customers, not only in traditional media, but also online, local and emerging sports; the impact of social media, and new trends emerging every day. It means that the marketer should cover every potential cable channel because every channel has followers who are your customers or potential customers. According to Edward Gold who is State farm’s Advertisement Director, they spend $5 million dollar advertising 15years ago, but now it’s close to $4 billion.

Facing to so many challenges, some new ways to advertise has came out such as Facebook advertisement, Twitter advertisement, YouTube advertisement, LinkedIn and Instagram advertisement. Advertisement has covered every corner of our daily life. Guerilla advertisement emerging in the movies and TV shows, but it still not enough. Some feature films same to be more powerful, and more popular.

Overall, living in this speedy age, everything is fast, emerged and disappeared. In the meanwhile, it also provides more opportunity to marketer to creative.

Green is the new Black

Jordan Kosmecki



Since the beginning of time, humans have been at the mercy of the Earth and its resources. Today, as these resources become scarcer, companies are facing enormous amounts of pressure to develop sustainable business practices. However, despite the pressure companies face the challenge of living up to the general public’s expectations. Society wants to be able to buy goods at a lower price, choose between how they are green, and for companies to be genuine in their sustainability efforts.

The following video touches on the idea of how companies can present their “greenness” to consumers in a way where they will be more perceptive.

This video suggests that companies need to not bombard consumers with the fact that they are practicing green innovation, but rather create a dialogue. Today, there are many different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and various site that host blogs where companies can interact with their consumers. This interaction allows for consumers to know about their green practices, but also makes consumers feel like a company is being sincere in their green efforts, which translates into more trust and a stronger connection to a company. This idea is reinforced though Ottoman’s, The New Rules of Green Marketing. Here she says that “The brand consumers buy and trust today educate and engage them in meaningful conversation through a variety of media, especially via websites and online social networks”. Creating this relationship and feeling like a company is being sincere in its efforts will not only make consumers see the company in a most positive light, but those who can afford to live greener lifestyles will be more willing to pay a price premium for goods they think are good for the environment.

However, not everyone is willing to pay a price premium for goods. This video shows that in the end, non-organic or organic food will be bought by those who feel they fit their lifestyles, respectively.

Even though not every consumer is willing to pay a price premium or live a completely organic life style, many still think it is important for companies to be green. This is because companies do things on a much larger scale than the individual consumer.

As an increasing amount of companies turn to green practices, more and more will jump on the bandwagon as being green becomes the norm for corporations.