Business Promotion : Apple

by: Mingjie Ma

Twitter: @MingjieM


An effective brand promotion is necessary in the business world, and Apple Inc. is a good example. According to Interbrand 2012 report, a global branding consultancy, Apple is the second best brand world. Their competitors Microsoft, HP, Dell in computer market and Samsung, HTC, Nokia in mobile devices market are all behind Apple. Part of their success needs to contribute to effective brand promotion, especially iPhone in recent years.

Apple was found in 1976, and they challenged the overlords in 1970s’ computer market: Microsoft and IBM. They created different operating system with Microsoft and design with IBM. Even in today, Apple still keeps own operating system and special design. They are not following the rule that other exist company created. In fact, they are trying to create a new rule. For example, they create all-in-one computer, combine the screen and computer case together. This is an innovative design in many years ago. When we look at recent computer market, there are many brands follow this rule, all-in-one computer. Therefore, I think innovation is an effective tool to promote a brand because it helps brand to be a leader in the market, not a copycat.

However, Apple is not always successful. During 1986 to 1997, the Apple faced a decline, and Steve Jobs were forced to leave the company. He founded a new company NeXT which was acquired by Apple in 1997. After Jobs came back to Apple, he established Mac OS X, Apple Store, MobileMe and iTunes store based on system that NeXT was created. Moreover, the success of iPhone is not an incidental. Apple introduced iTunes Store in 2000 and iPod digital music player in 2001. I have to say the part of success of iPhone came from the popularity of iTunes and iPod since people were used to it. I believe using exist platform in the company to extend a new product could consider as effective business promotion.