How one company became successful through infomercials

Rachel Buckley


It’s amazing how Bare Escentuals was able to become a huge successful company from infomercials. Instead of going through department stores such as the conventional makeup product, Bare Escentuals focused its marketing plan through infomercials in an exclusive contract agreement with QVC. The first time Leslie Blodgett, CEO of Bare Escentuals, went on air she sold $45,000 worth of product. The infomercials were really successful, but people couldn’t find the product so she then focused on distributing which led Bare Escentuals to be sold at Sephora, Nordstrom, and having it’s own boutiques. Because of the infomercials Bare Escentuals is a well known and extremely successful cosmetic company. Today they use direct marketing by sending out emails which feature new products, access to events at their boutiques, deals on their cosmetics, and to come in to get a gift on your birthday. This tool of direct marketing has worked for me. I am subscribed to receive emails from them and am always excited to pick up my free eye shadow on my birthday each year, and when I go into the store I always find something new that I like.

I remember when there wasn’t a Bare Escentuals boutique and only the infomercials.They were famous for their saying, “Swirl, tap, buff” which was used to apply their foundation. It’s interesting to look back at it and see how well they do now in their boutiques now. This video is part of a demonstration used in the infomercial for Bare Escentuals. I find that the demonstrations are really helpful that show how to use the product. I find that some infomercials can be very tacky, but I find this to be very professional:

What made Bare Escentuals so successful was differentiation and how they positioned themselves. They were the first company to offer a mineral based foundation. This was a great alternative to liquid foundation which was not as healthy for the skin. It’s also not a powder, its a creamy bare mineral that covers well. Here Leslie Blodgett explains how she made Bare Escentuals so successful from infomercials: