Japanese Anime and American Anime

Hao He (Summer MKTG420)

During July 4 to July 7 2013, Anime Expo was held in Los Angeles Convention Center. Although its theme is Japanese anime, but much more white and hispanic fans were attracted to attend the expo than Asian. At end of July 7, the attendees nearly reached 130 thousand.

Anime expo



How does Japanese anime attract consumers, and why does it succeed in the United States? Comparing Japanese Anime and American Anime, they use various marketing strategies.

  1. Products Design.

Japanese anime involves with sports, religion, science fiction, magic, and etc. It has various products fit almost all ages and involves in professional fields, such as cooking, forensic, and financial area. In addition, Japanese anime focus on expressing people’s emotional life so it is popular over the world. However, American anime focus on individualistic heroism, such as Spider-man, Batman, the Hulk, etc. It also has some anime involves family lives, such as the Simpsons. These products have strong American culture which bring to succeed in America, but is not conductive to spread globally.

  1. Distribution Channel

Japanese anime usually has a long product line, and consumers can watch up-to-date episodes online. The Internet Channel increases its market share, not only for anime, but also for peripheral products because they advertise peripheral products at beginning or end of anime. On the other hand, Japanese anime may has too many episodes resulted in the feeling of boredom. However, American anime is made into a film usually. It needs a large investment and could be risky. In addition, American anime uses short story to attract consumers because consumers are busier nowadays. I think it’s the key factor that American anime choose to switch as a movie.

I like Japanese anime more, and I like Hollywood superhero movie as well. I am wondering if Japanese anime would simplify its story to adjust the fast-paced life style.