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While doing the reading about international marketing and the internet for Tuesday’s class, I couldn’t help but think about the most successful advertising campaign in recent history. On October 14th, 2012, Felix Baumgartner completed a space jump from 23-miles above Earth in front af 8-million live viewers on YouTube. Who was the beneficiary of all of this attention you ask? Red Bull. The energy drink company sponsored the entire event and conveniently place their logo all over the capsule he was in as well as on his suit. While this was a dangerous task, and a big risk for Red Bull, the reward was well worth it in the end.

The event not only captured a live viewing audience of 8-million people on YouTube, it garnered international attention from news stations and websites from around the globe. The 1:30 video seen below has well over 33.5-million views on YouTube, and that’s only 1 of the many videos available on the world wide web. Beyond the live video and international news attention, the event sparked 3 trending hashtags on Twitter: #RedBull, #SpaceJump, and #FelixBaumgartner. This just goes to show how big this event was not only for the man in the suit, but the company that put it all together. Red Bull challenged the ideas of traditional advertising, and they benefitted as a result.

The best part about this campaign, in my opinion, is how versatile it was. The event was a huge success on YouTube and all over the internet while it was happening, but beyond that, Red Bull has been able to use the campaign in more traditional forms advertising on TV, and in print ads. When push comes to shove, Red Bull challenged the ideas of traditional advertising and came up with an event that successfully grabbed international audiences in order to promote their brand and reach an unbelievable number of people from around the world. I have a feeling we will see a number of companies trying to create events similar to this in order to gain the attention of the world, but I will always remember Red Bull for being the one that started it all.

Felix Baumgartner’s Space Jump – Presented by Red Bull

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