Infamous Informercials


Kylie Ogata

twitter: @Kqlie


Discussing direct marketing in class and the different ways to accomplish this has brought informercials to my attention.  Informercials are long advertisements that looks like a talkshow or product demonstration. They can range from 2 to 60 minutes. A few elements to a successful informercial are same-day responses, frequent closes and testimonials.

I personally thought informercials were a weak tool of marketing because I believed people (including myself) never paid any attention to them. However, as I look more into it, they in fact, can be quite successful if done well. For instance, an informercial known for its success is Vince Offer who is the pitchman for demonstrating a product called the Slap Chop. The Slap Chop is a culinary device that makes chopping and mincing easy by simply pressing down a button on the top of the device. It makes chopping effortless and easy. Below is a Vince Offer Slap Chop infomercial.  Watching this informercial even made me want one.  I feel there are several reasons for this. First off Vince has charisma. He’s energetic, positive and engaging. He is a very likeable guy and is interesting to listen to. Secondly, he demonstrates the product well because he puts the product in a lot of various scenarios.  He uses it for fruits, veggies, nuts…breakfast, desert, lunch etc. No doubt he demonstrates some sort of scenario that will catch the interest of any viewers. He says phrases “stop having your tuna look boring!” when studies have proven that tuna sandwiches are the source of boredom in peoples lives. Also he says cheesy but effective lines such as “slap your troubles away!”. As cheesy as it sounds, people like the thought of of just slapping their troubles or problems away. He makes it sound like an asset that’s going to make your life easier; people want that. Not only does he show the ease of use but the ease of cleaning and maintaining the product.