Advertising Differences in Foreign Countries

Natalie Storm

Traveling throughout Europe last week opened my eyes to the vast differences there are between advertisements in the United States and other countries such as Spain, Ireland, and Denmark. The greatest difference in advertisements that I noticed was when I was exploring around Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen used so much color, contrast, and creativity in their advertising that it could take a person’s breath away when compared to the simple and plain advertisements usually used in the United States. Many of Copenhagen’s advertisements were done via graffiti. I actually was able to experience first hand the creativity and originality of Copenhagen’s advertisements when they were putting up a new one outside of the Generator Hostel I was staying in.




This graffiti that was done outside my hostel was to advertise a nonprofit festival. Before this advertisement was painted, I neglected to notice all of the small flyers inside of the hostel advertising it. It amazed me that seeing this type of advertisement opened my eyes to the smaller advertisements that I originally overlooked and paid no attention to. The originality and creativity of this advertisement, although this design is simpler than others I saw there, is the reason I was curious enough to read the plain piece paper and discover more information about the festival.