Do you remember that one commercial?

By: Jack Dally

Twitter: @JDally4


How important is it that consumers can recall content from a company’s advertisement? Marketers today are starting to find that an ads quality just might be more important than the quantity of ads produced. The ability for consumers to recall information, content, or even the brand from an advertisement is much more beneficial than sitting through tons of ads only to instantly forget what it was about. Nowadays people are doing many different things at once, especially while watching television, which means people aren’t always paying full attention to the many different ads that bombard their day. It’s hard to know exactly what makes an ad tend to be easily recalled later on, but one thing that might help is an ad with an engaging story line just like this Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial:

Although some ads might be easily recalled, like the Volkswagen one above, not every ad makes a huge impact on consumers. For an ad to be successful, it has to first be memorable. This is the basic idea behind making an ad that consumers will be able to easily recall. If marketers can first get consumers’ attention in this heavily multitasking world, then they next need to be able to make them remember what their ad is about, but more importantly what it is advertising/selling. Another very easily recalled ad was a Doritos commercial, not surprisingly from the Super Bowl also, which turned out to be the most recalled ad shown during the game:

Another important factor is that just because an ad can be easily recalled does not mean that it will vastly improve sales. According to the book, “some research indicates there is little relation between recall scores and sales effectiveness. Remember an ad does not necessarily make you want to buy a particular brand.” It then gave the example that the “Got Milk?” ad campaign was very popular and familiar, but did not help improve declining milk consumption in the U.S.


I’ll end with this, personally I believe that the more memorable an ad is the better it will do. We have all seen many ads that did not make an impact and we have all forgot what those ads were about. I want to see ads that are funny, relatable, and most importantly engaging, because these ads are always the most enjoyable and, to me, the most successful.