Green is the new Black

Jordan Kosmecki



Since the beginning of time, humans have been at the mercy of the Earth and its resources. Today, as these resources become scarcer, companies are facing enormous amounts of pressure to develop sustainable business practices. However, despite the pressure companies face the challenge of living up to the general public’s expectations. Society wants to be able to buy goods at a lower price, choose between how they are green, and for companies to be genuine in their sustainability efforts.

The following video touches on the idea of how companies can present their “greenness” to consumers in a way where they will be more perceptive.

This video suggests that companies need to not bombard consumers with the fact that they are practicing green innovation, but rather create a dialogue. Today, there are many different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and various site that host blogs where companies can interact with their consumers. This interaction allows for consumers to know about their green practices, but also makes consumers feel like a company is being sincere in their green efforts, which translates into more trust and a stronger connection to a company. This idea is reinforced though Ottoman’s, The New Rules of Green Marketing. Here she says that “The brand consumers buy and trust today educate and engage them in meaningful conversation through a variety of media, especially via websites and online social networks”. Creating this relationship and feeling like a company is being sincere in its efforts will not only make consumers see the company in a most positive light, but those who can afford to live greener lifestyles will be more willing to pay a price premium for goods they think are good for the environment.

However, not everyone is willing to pay a price premium for goods. This video shows that in the end, non-organic or organic food will be bought by those who feel they fit their lifestyles, respectively.

Even though not every consumer is willing to pay a price premium or live a completely organic life style, many still think it is important for companies to be green. This is because companies do things on a much larger scale than the individual consumer.

As an increasing amount of companies turn to green practices, more and more will jump on the bandwagon as being green becomes the norm for corporations.