Social Media

By Michelle Hyland

What is social media?  The majority of people think of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn when they think of social media.  However social media is much more than that.  Today, social media also refers to networking sites that include Flickr, YouTube, Tumblr, Commerce communities (such as Amazon and Craigslist), social bookmarking (such as Digg and Reddit) and collaborative projects such as Wikipedia.  Social media is everywhere and you can take it anywhere, allowing people to stay connected no matter where in the world they are.

Social media is bringing the power back to the consumer!  An important aspect of social media is that companies no longer are the sole generators of brand communication toward consumers.  Instead consumers are sharing brand messages and advertisements, changing the cost and control of marketing.  The internet allows for positive and negative marketing without company control over the content because consumers are free to share their opinions and thoughts online.  90% of consumers trust peer recommendations while only 14% trust advertisements.  Making it important for companies to monitor what consumers are saying about their brands because consumers opinions matter more than ever before.

Today companies do not have a choice whether they will participate in social media or not. This is why companies have to be ahead of their consumers by shaping conversations about their brands and inviting consumer feedback.  Companies are shaping conversations by creating venues online for consumers to gather information and provide feedback, such as a company Facebook page.  The advantage is being able to have a specific place consumers can go when they have opinions, whether positive or negative, making it much easier for companies to monitor.  This allows companies to respond to questions and concerns in a timely fashion while meeting consumer demands about their product or service.

By Michelle Hyland

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Group 7 Twitter Chat

By @afisher7007 @jdally4 @ycq321 @xulinsen

On Thursday August 1 our group Twitter conversation focused on issues related to green marketing. We included links to articles related to the success or failure of green marketing campaigns. Followers were asked their opinions on how purchasing green products made them feel and how willing they were to pay a premium for those products. Students were engaged in the conversation sharing their own insights about green marketing. Some of the more memorable responses are listed below:


#mktg420 #greenmarketing What does everyone think about green marketing? Effective or not?


  • @brenschader4h think its a downfall for stores. Carrying bags from other stores to carry your groceries… Loss of marketing #mktg420TR



#Mktg420tr #Group7 #TwitterChat today, we’re talking about green marketing. To start it off, does anyone in class use green products daily?





#mktg420tr How much more are you willing to pay for “green” products? Does purchasing green products make you feel better about consumption?


  • @lovelydlo4h buying green and also organic products does make me feel better about my consumption! #mktg420tr


Class members also Tweeted out their own examples of green marketing campaigns and we were able to facilitate conversations with them. Some examples can be seen below:



@Origins uses natural and organic ingredients in their skin care and cosmetics #greenmarketing #mktg420TR


@RachelBuckley21 @Origins yep, it’s good for skin


Biodegradable cigarette filters embedded with flower seeds… yeah you heard that right. … #mktg420tr #prettysweet

We posted links to several stories the day prior to our conversation management. We added additional article links at the beginning of class. Students were encouraged to click on these links to perform more research related to our topic of green marketing.


Here are links to the articles that we shared in class:


Green marketing towards younger people


5 Reasons Green Marketing is Going Nowhere


Microsoft Sustainability Initiatives


Levi’s Goes Green


Top 50 Global Green Brands


How to be Successful With Social Media- Zach Swan


Social Media is essential for businesses to interact with customers through comments, likes, shares, and tweets. Just like any other marketing plan, social media is a tool and in order to be used effectively it must be implemented tactfully. Here are some simple tips to make social media a successful marketing platform.

It’s Not Magic

Social media is not magic, nor is it a project that can go untouched. Creating a Facebook page and leaving it won’t make business boom the next day. Social media must be worked on every day to maximize communication. Most companies have teams of social media professionals to monitor their activity daily. Interaction with customers is the main idea behind social media, so make sure to post pictures, Vines, and Instagrams daily in order to spark some attention.

No Comment Left Behind

No matter how insulting the comment may be towards your business, negative comments must be addressed. It is important to establish a strong customer service appearance on social media so customers will return despite their bad experience.

Even a positive comment should receive a reply. These comments don’t need to be long just a simple “Glad you had a great experience with us!” does the trick.

Blog, Blog, Blog

Blogs are important because they give the customers the reviews they crave, which could solidify a sale. Pick a theme that matches your company’s product and blog about the latest trends, activities or anything related. For example, Coca-Cola has a successful blog because they use current ‘conversations’ as they call it to connect current news to their product. They used national donut day as an opportunity to make a campaign about Coca-Cola and donuts.

Different Platforms, Different Tools

The last tip is to remember that the different social media sites, need to be treated differently. For example, Twitter can have more posts than Facebook. Also, LinkedIn should be used in a professional manner to the other sites.

Oreo, is an example of a successful Facebook campaign because they create catchy photos and slogans to draw in customers.

Social Media is a cheap, easy way to help promote your business. If used correctly, your business is sure to become more successful.

-Zach Swan

Group 1 Twitter Conversation: Marketing 4 Kids


Our Twitter conversation was unable to happen during class time due to some confusion, so we decided that we were going to engage the Twitter community about the topic of marketing to children. Before starting our conversation we did not know much about the topic of marketing to children and we realized it brought up a huge dilemma. Is it ethical to market to children? Some say yes, and some say no. We don’t think that this is a problem that will ever truly be solved, but it was interesting to find that some large corporations such as Coca-Cola are no longer marketing to children. On the other side, there is a child abuse billboard that only markets to children who are short enough to see a specific image on the billboard that adults cannot see. The billboard tells children what to do if they are being abused. These two examples are reasons why the dilemma of marketing to children may never be solved. In our twitter chat we brought up several articles that go further about these issues, for example goes on to talk about the effects of marketing to children. It brings up several important topics such as the amount of actual show time vs. commercial time, also the development of a consumer at a young age, and my favorite how movies promote positive things like Shrek for instance promoting physical activity. Another article we shared was how Coca-Cola stops marketing to kids under 12 globally ( Coca-Cola has decided that it will, “support programs that encourage physical activity and no longer market to kids younger than 12.” Part of the reason for this decision is Coca-Cola has often been the center of blame for obesity because of their sugary drinks and they have been more aggressive in trying to convince customers its products can be part of a healthy lifestyle. As we can see with Coca-Cola there is much commotion whether or not to market to children. There are many positive things that can benefit from marketing to children, yet there are also many negative sides to it. Our twitter chat heavily discusses different opinions around the globe on this topic, and gives many different examples. And if you go to #mktg4kids you can see the different sides taken and share your thoughts and opinions on marketing towards children with us.

Twitter Conversation from Group #9

Zhongming Sun @zhongming_sun
Qian Ye @ye_holly
Yiwen Yu @yu_yiwen
Jing Chen @jingc2013

On Tuesday May 14th, Steven Asbury (@stevenasbury) came to visit our class and talk about his experiences about Asbury Design Company. Steven Asbury is a graphic designer, an Instructor in the Journalism school, and the owner of Asbury Design. During his presentation, Steven Asbury showed us a lot of great designs. Asbury Design work with a lot of local brands and companies, and make a lot of great advertisings and posters to them, such as Hilton Eugene, BMW Eugene, Forever 10. They also make great websites and interiors design, and we can find all of these in their website. Steven Asbury also gave us a lot of good tips during his presentation. For example, “nothing is easy, just how hard you try to get success.”, and “It is better to study communication than Art if you want to work on advertising in the future.” I totally agree with those tips, and I think all of our class enjoyed his speech.

In order to share more information about Steven Asbury with our class, our group began our twitter conversation one night before Steven Asbury coming. Here are some contents covered on the twitter conversation. Jessyca made a great interacting with our group in that night’s twitter conversation.

@ye_holly: #mktg420 so happy that Steven Asbury from Asbury Design will be coming to speak to us tomorrow! @JessycaLewis @stevenasbury
@JessycaLewis: @ye_holly @stevenasbury So glad you are excited!
@yu_yiwen: @ye_holly @JessycaLewis @stevenasbury awesome! graphic design is what I want to learn! looking forward to his speech tmr!
@JessycaLewis: @yu_yiwen @ye_holly @stevenasbury Yay!
@yu_yiwen: @JessycaLewis @ye_holly @stevenasbury I truly hope I can have some art skills and then I can create some amazing design! Haha~
@JessycaLewis: @yu_yiwen @ye_holly @stevenasbury You can take a graphic class at LCC in Indesign. They will teach you.
@zhongming_sun: @ye_holly @jessycalewis @stevenasbury I went to the website, and I think those design examples are the best I have ever seen.
@ye_holly: #mktg420 very clear contact info. and designed works on their website
Asbury Design
e-mail: steven@
@ye_holly: #Mktg420 @stevenasbury I like the look! @JessycaLewis
@zhongming_sun: @JessycaLewis @stevenasbury we can see Steven shows his great design everywhere, even in his syllabus. #mktg420
@JessycaLewis: @zhongming_sun Sounds like you are doing the Twitter chat tonight?
@zhongming_sun: @JessycaLewis yes, so our classmates can know more about Steven Asbury before he come tomorrow.

During the presentation time, the class also did a good job of tweeting along with Steven Asbury’s discussion. Here is some contents in the conversation.

@zhongming_sun: It’s nice to see the speaker to show and explain his great designs face to face. @JessycaLewis #mktg420
@yu_yiwen: @zhongming_sun @JessycaLewis totally ture!! Enjoy his speech!
@Thetappp: so many familiar logo in town. Leave me a huge impression from those logo before! Nice. @JessycaLewis #mktg420
@thomasjonny: Awesome to hear from @stevenasbury of Asbury Design in #mktg420 today. Check out their work:
@tanasha48: Would love to work for @stevenasbury one day! #greatwork #greatpersonality #greatadagency #mktg420
@ye_holly: #mktg420 nothing is easy, just how hard you try to get success @stevenasbury wonderful tip
@beckygo1: Loving the creative behind the ads shown in class by @stevenasbury #mktg420
@yu_yiwen: babies are so cute!! #MKTG420 @JessycaLewis @stevenasbury
@ibanezav: You’re right @stevenasbury, designers never rest: my roommate and I were notorious for moving our furniture around at 2 a.m. #mktg420
@mattnott02: @stevenasbury Thank you for sharing your work with us. Loved seeing the different ad designs. #mktg420
@meghanameow: asbury is all about luxury! #mktg420 @stevenasbury

Finally, Steven Asbury answered a lot of questions for our class, and I can see people are interested in it. Overall, the great speaker made the class awesome.

Twitter Conversation Recap 5-9 (Thursday)

With guest Speakers Billy Vinton and Kyle Banuelos from Stublisher

@KyleBanuelos, @Stublisher

On Thursday May 9th, our class began talking about a few ads and defining their target market. The Timex slogan “Takes a lickin’, and keeps on tickin’” got good response on Twitter. As well as the stereotyping we did as a class. @mattgoetz tweeted, “hooray for stereotyping #mktg420”.

We also discovered rate cards and the quality information they can provide. Many students seemed to be interested in this, and saw the value this will bring to our projects. @meghanameow tweeted, “Just learned about rate cards… I had no idea this info would be so accessible #mktg420”. 

The next interactive exercise that the class focused on involved two articles with questions.  One of the articles was the topic of tweets. Paul Newman’s brand, Newman’s Own, seemed to peak the interests of the class. @champion_eric commented “Never knew Newman’s Own donated all profits of charity”, and @JWFreidlander14 said “Who knew how many products Newman’s Own had??? Crazy.” Overall, the class was very surprised and interested in how charitable this company is.

Then we were given the opportunity to listen to two of the three guys that started the company Stublisher, Billy Vinton and Kyle Banuelos. They discussed their background and their journeys that got them where they are today.  As a class we could easily relate to them because they were not much older than us. One of their co-founders is just graduating from high school! Yes, I said high school! As our world has become such a social media friendly planet, there are many opportunities to expand. Billy, Kyle, and the team at Stublisher have created a product that connects people through shared experiences. We also got to give to give feedback on their new product that is still in the development stage that is a digital way to journal with photographs.

Becky Goin @beckygo1

Cole Papazian @papazap12

Cam Patrick @cam_patrick

Jack Pennington