Sales Promotion within Companies

Yunyao Jiang

Twitter: @nancyttfly


The spring big sales just pass by, but there is still lot of other opportunities to buy lucrative stuff. Lots of website and brand have their own discount or promotion to promote the sales. Companies like Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and McDonald’s using continuous promotion to appeal customer to repeat purchases and large customers’ purchases.


Coupon is the second most ordinary method that companies use to appeal customers who are sensitive to the price. Neiman Marcus gives different kind of coupons every season. This induces the coupon-redeeming customers to switch brands and once the customers purchased things at Neiman Marcus, they can be easily to purchase again. Another advantage is marketers can control the timing and distribution of coupons, so retailers are not implementing price discounts in a way that might damage brand image.

Neiman Marcus also likes to use sampling sales promotion technique. When customers are in the store, they can get the in-store sampling with cosmetics. And when customers are shopping online,  they can get the delivers samples through postal service.


McDonald’s is really good at doing the sales promotion like price-off deals.  It provides this kind of price-off deals timely. Around 10 years ago, they give this promotion by a cartoon calendar way. Customers can redeem different price-off deal in different month. The calendar promotion ticket also costs money. At that time, the customers of children really loved the calendar. The adults like it as well because it is straightforward and increase the power of money in their hand. Regular users stock up on the item when there is price-off deal. McDonald’s also gives premium promotion time by time. The premium gift is loved by the younger segment customers.

Nowadays, Many companies and brands are competing by giving different sales promotion refer to the time. Sales promotion is an important way to help manufacturers to increase the sales and market shares.