The revolution of the sports sponsorship

Xiaolong Chen

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As the development of the high technology, it highly changed the way of marketing. Traditional commercials cannot play a dominant role in the advertisement market, the Internet and social networking website has attracted more attention. The revolution has occurred, and the biggest challenge for marketer is fragmentation.


Traditionally, how to evaluative the effectiveness of one’s commercial is simple. Whoever spends more and aims to as much as to television, newspaper, and broadcast, which is the winner. There is statistic shows that America major sports leverage sponsorship revenue that is NFL for $1.01 billion, MLB for $628 million, NBA for $610 million, and NHL for $372 million. The most impressed one is adidas to sponsor 2012 London Olympic for $106 million for two weeks.  They spend such huge money to sponsor those events in order to retain their customers and attract more potential customers. But is it works, and is it worth? It is hard to say.

Time is changed; the public’s free time’s entertainment has become more diversity. Now, you have dozen of channel to draw attention of customers, not only in traditional media, but also online, local and emerging sports; the impact of social media, and new trends emerging every day. It means that the marketer should cover every potential cable channel because every channel has followers who are your customers or potential customers. According to Edward Gold who is State farm’s Advertisement Director, they spend $5 million dollar advertising 15years ago, but now it’s close to $4 billion.

Facing to so many challenges, some new ways to advertise has came out such as Facebook advertisement, Twitter advertisement, YouTube advertisement, LinkedIn and Instagram advertisement. Advertisement has covered every corner of our daily life. Guerilla advertisement emerging in the movies and TV shows, but it still not enough. Some feature films same to be more powerful, and more popular.

Overall, living in this speedy age, everything is fast, emerged and disappeared. In the meanwhile, it also provides more opportunity to marketer to creative.

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